Sponsorship of Projects in South East Europe

Part of SEEDS' mission is making grants to non-governmental organizations in countries of
the former Yugoslavia that share SEEDS' commitment to helping people rebuild their lives
and communities as a basis for lasting peace, democratic institutions, and sustainable economic

Since 2006, SEEDS has provided over $200,000 for project implemented by BILD – Bosnia
Initiatives for Local Development (www.bildbosnia.org), an organization based in Tuzla,
Bosnia and Herzegovina. The activities of BILD are primarily in the central region of the country.
Funding is provided for projects that meet the greatest need and have the greatest ability to succeed.
SEEDS' contacts in the country are extensive, and members of SEEDS' oversight committee are able
to obtain firsthand reports of project completion.

BILD activities funded by SEEDS include:

  • Providing humanitarian assistance to people in need; for example, refugees returning to
    their pre-war homes, orphans, and marginalized people;
  • Providing material and consulting assistance to local level organizations in order to build
    their capacity in providing sustainable community services to citizens;
  • Implementing programs that promote the use of information technology and modern
    management practices in business and public institutions;
  • Implementing programs that encourage citizens to participate in the improvement of their
    communities, for example, volunteer actions cleaning rivers or cleaning parks;
  • Implementing trust-building programs, such as inter-faith gatherings and collective
    volunteer events, that promote harmony between people of different religions and

A full description of BILD activities and programs can be found here at BILD's website.